These sessions are meant to promote self healing through reducing stress, boosting the immune system, rejuvenating your cells, balancing chakras, and clearing meridians. They will raise the oxytocin levels and lower cortisol levels in the body. According to Dr. Oz, people who use Reiki before, during and after surgeries heal faster, have less infection and better prognosis with increased longevity. Many people report feeling an sense of peacefulness and unconditional love after only one Reiki Therapy Session.

Reiki Master Healings include MPS Therapy (Microcurrent Point Stimulation Therapy, electronic acupuncture without needles), Usui Japanese Reiki, Kekko Massage, Tibetan bowls vibrational healing, BYOSEN (Aura clearing), and a brief card reading on request if time is allowed.

Lorry is a master and teacher of other modalities which you can request during your session: 

Magnified Healing, Karuna Reiki, Regenesis, Kofutu, and a new modality being created by Lorry Salluzzi Sensei called Volcano Reiki.

Fee for Therapy Sessions are $80 for 45 minutes. Sliding scale pricing available. 

Booking appointments at offices in Merrick, Long Island and Kingston, NY. Available during the year in Sebastopol, CA. 

Text or leave message at: 516-708-5213

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