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Updated: May 15, 2019

A Lorry Story The Spirit Guide Volcano Reiki

It is very weird for me to be the channel for Volcano Reiki as I never really believed that just “anyone” could channel a new form of Reiki Healing. I am the founder of Volcano Reiki. Symbols started to come to me as soon as I completed my last trip to Hawaii in 2017. I became obsessed with new symbols as they came to me spontaneously, I could not believe this and I could not believe it was happening for me! The island of Kauai inspired me with inner peace and with self-love. I decided to offer a Reiki Retreat in Hawaii since I wanted to return sooner than later. Next, I was inspired to call this retreat Volcano Reiki and my thoughts were to offer the Reiki Retreat at other places with famous Volcanos because this energy seemed most powerful to me. Mother Nature is the boss in most situations, especially volcano eruptions! Were these my thoughts or was I being guided? My daughter and I planned the retreat together. She is the yoga teacher, Reiki Master, nature photographer, hiking instructor and guide. I am the professional healer, psychic, and Reiki teacher. Soon after we found the retreat center and planned the dates it began to happen. Volcano Reiki was no longer the name of a retreat idea, it started to materialize by itself through me as a new form of healing. I was chosen to bring in the Volcano Reiki to my New York students who would join me in fine tuning this new form of Reiki. Why call it REIKI? Reiki is a Japanese word that means, “Universal life force energy.” It seemed to have nothing to do with Hawaii. Reiki came to our country through Hawaii in the 1930’s, perhaps this is the connection. Reiki has become a mainstream term that most know means energy healing. The initiations in Volcano Reiki and Usui Reiki are very similar. I feel these initiations are universal in Buddhism and other cultures as well. So, for now, we call this new form of healing Volcano Reiki. I started to do some automatic writing one day. The writing became drawings that became the first symbol. This seemed too simple to me and I was not sure what was happening. I started to tell my students who were now my fellow reiki masters. They were intrigued. The first symbol was the most beautiful to me: “Ke –Aloha,” means beloved in the Hawaiian language. This symbol aligns you to channel self- love, unconditional self- love. The drawing is beautiful, you can feel the love energy from the symbol immediately. The energy inspires you to look deep inside yourself and feel you are the beloved soul. As you focus on that beloved one within, you become Ke-Aloha. I was not sure there would be another symbol as I was not trying to find it, I was waiting for it to come to me. I planned my next reiki master meeting in a salt cave with my reiki friends. As the day drew closer for our next “Master Meeting Meditation and Initiation” I was still waiting for the symbol to arrive with instructions as well, of course. Then it happened, “Lua-Pele Pele” took form before my eyes. “Lua-Pele Pele” means, “Volcano.” This symbol connects you with the most grounding energy I ever experienced. Lua-Pele Pele brings you to the energy found in the center of the Mother Earth, powerful healing energy of nature. When using this symbol, after the initiation only, one brings the energy from the center of the Earth through your foot chakras to the base of your spine up your spine through each chakra . You fill with this powerful Mother earth energy and channel through your hands to heal yourself and to help others during a Volcano Reiki Session. This symbol is also a very wonderful tool for grounding. Each symbol enhances the other. Only through being grounded may we find the deep healing ability of pure self .love, beloved energy. “Ke=Aloha” enhances the power of “Lua-Pele Pele” and “Lua=Pele Pele” enhances the power of “Ke=Aloha.” Our New York Reiki Masters continue to explore the possibilities of these Volcano Reiki symbols through meditation, self-healing and healing others. We share our channeled information during our Master Meetings. Our next meeting is in a couple of weeks. The new symbol has appeared to me and I am presently ready to channel the rest of the information. “NOHO MUA” means the past , the future: heal the past, enhance the present, and co-create the future. Aloha, Lorry Salluzzi Sensei text me 516-708-5213

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