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This course can no longer be booked.

Chakra Healing Group Program

Promote an optimum environment to heal your body, mind, and Spirit.

  • Started Jan 18
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom

Course Description

There are many modalities that support your self-healing. Working with the Chakras can create a powerful and meaningful result. As you peel away your. past traumas, losses and. blocks, your chakras balance, clear, and heal. This promotes an optimum environment to heal your body, mind, and Spirit. Chakra imbalances can cause mental and emotional issues which, left untreated, may eventually manifest as physical illnesses. Your biology is affected by your biography. As we release the effects of past events that we are still hanging on to, our present moment becomes healthier and happier. You actually will respond differently to everyday issues that would normally depress or cause anxiety and stress. You may enjoy a healthier body, lose unwanted weight, rejuvenate, energize and have longer periods of peace and happiness. Our mindful meditations and healing circles focus on two chakras per weekly meeting. In these circles, we will discuss the properties of each chakra, their vibrational frequencies as they correspond to color and musical tones, their location, and the issues that may be affected by each unbalanced chakra. We will enjoy releasing the past to create a better present moment and healing. Our goal is to release pain, and stress and enjoy a more meaningful life as you