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As a physician who practices traditional osteopathic hands-on medicine, I am sensitive and cautious when it comes to energy healers. I have known Lorry for over 30 years and she is the real deal, channeling pure love as she does her work. She is the only healer I allow to treat me or recommend to my patients. - Wesley Beth Reiss, D.O.

Reiki Master, Psychic Tarot Reader & 

Let your path become an adventure inspired by wisdom, compassion, and abundance. Successful healings help every living being and the Earth. Let Lorry help you become more fulfilled on your

life journey.

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Healing comes in many forms. For some of us, we seek guidance and support during times of uncertainty or when life challenges present themselves. For others, elevating to a higher spiritual level and healing through the practice of Reiki is what is most sought after.

Since 1991, Lorry Salluzzi has been honored to help people through her practice as a psychic medium, tarot card reader, and Sensei Reiki Master. Through her psychic and tarot readings, healings, and workshops, she has been able to help thousands of people on their journey to discovering their higher selves achieve spiritual clarity, life fulfillment, joy, and an improved outlook.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki & Spiritual Healings

Promote self-healing through Reiki, chakra balancing, meridian clearing, and archangel healings. Experience stress reduction and a feeling of overwhelming calm during and after your healing session.


Guided Imagery & Channeling

Guided imagery and channeling is offered as a powerful tool to manifest the life you were born to live. In conjunction with angel & tarot card readings, Spirit also uses this time to communicate messages to you through Lorry.


Reiki Certification Workshops

Reiki or universal energy, is a Japanese healing technique of channeling energy through practitioner to participant. This energy method of healing promotes mind, body, and spirit harmony.

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Tarot & Psychic Readings

Experience Lorry’s talents as a clairvoyant and psychic medium through a focused tarot reading. Bring questions to your session or let Spirit guide Lorry’s reading both through tarot and psychic mediumship.

Psychic and Healing

Upcoming Events

To attend an event, please text/call Lorry at 516-708-5213

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