Lorry Salluzi; stress management therapist, Lupus survivor, psychic medium, Reiki master, healer and teacher, was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 1988. Her doctor could not be sure she would live through the night. Medications saved her, but she was not getting any better. Through the practice of Reiki and Guided Imagery Meditation, she achieved full remission 2 years later and has had no evidence of the disease since 1990. Her doctor still sends her patients as do many other practitioners in the allopathic and holistic fields.

She has had success with many chronic health challenges such as cancer, depression, pain, migraine, Lupus, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr, etc. Reiki and Meditation will change your life in a positive way. It is a wonderful way to manage stress before a disease can occur. Many physicians now believe illness is caused by stress. Change your life today! Meditation, Reiki workshops, and Reiki Healings will improve the quality of your life and will help you to achieve optimum health. Having fun and an abundance of laughter is also very healing. Make an appointment, call for a Psychic Reading or for more information!!


"I have enjoyed teaching Reiki as a Sensei Master since 1991 to tens of thousands successful reiki students, many are well known is this area as well as nationally and internationally. Let me help you become successfully fulfilled while on your life journey.


Your path can be an adventure inspired by wisdom, compassion, and abundance. My training includes updated information still being discovered about Japanese Reiki and the opportunities to use your reiki gifts to help yourself and your community. Every successful healing heals every one of us and heals the Earth and so on....."


Gassho means YOU ARE DIVINE!


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