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About Lorry

Since 1990, Lorry Salluzzi has been helping those who are seeking spiritual awakening, guidance, and healing through Reiki sessions, Reiki training,  psychic clairvoyance, and tarot reading. During her own personal journey through surviving Lupus, Lorry gained firsthand insight into the power of spiritual healing and the call to help others. At the time of her diagnosis, her prognosis was grim. Although medications saved her life during the initial phases of her disease, her symptoms were not improving, and she was not achieving remission. Through Reiki and the practice of guided imagery meditation, Lorry ultimately was able to achieve a full remission and has remained symptom free. 

Because more and more practitioners are linking stress with illness, several allopathic and holistic practitioners work with Lorry to help their patients through Reiki healing sessions and meditation. Collaboratively, they have helped people facing health challenges such as cancer, depression, pain, migraine, lupus, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr, and the like. 

Through her Reiki healings, meditation, and Reiki workshops, Lorry has helped thousands of people achieve optimal spiritual well-being and health. She has shared her expansive knowledge by teaching and certifying national and international Reiki students who themselves are now able to help others heal.

Lorry Salluzzi

Your spiritual path is an adventure inspired by wisdom, compassion, and abundance. Lorry Salluzzi Sensei

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