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Volcano Reiki

Lorry Salluzzi is the founder of Volcano Reiki, a form of Reiki inspired by the healing island of Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Lorry began receiving messages about developing a new form of Reiki which came to her from her Reiki guides. 

Over time, Lorry was able to harness unique healing powers sent through her, and she began teaching others this sacred form of Reiki. In addition to using the traditional symbols associated with Reiki, Lorry received new symbols to incorporate through automatic writing and drawing. 

These powerful symbols are explained in greater detail during her initiations, and she also incorporates these symbols and this form of Reiki in her clients' healings. 

Volcano Reiki Symbols include:

Ke –Aloha which means beloved in the Hawaiian language. This symbol aligns you to channel and experience  unconditional self-love. The love energy from this symbol often is felt immediately, and this energy may inspire you to look more deeply inside yourself and experience yourself as a beloved soul. As you focus on the beloved one within, you become Ke-Aloha.

Lua-Pele Pele means, “Volcano.” This symbol connects you with and extraordinarily grounding energy. Lua-Pele Pele brings you to the energy found in the center of Mother Earth, the powerful healing energy of nature. When using this symbol, after initiation, one brings the energy from the center of the Earth through your foot chakras to the base of your spine, and then continuing up through your spine and each chakra. You fill with this powerful Mother Earth energy and channel it through your hands to heal yourself and to help others during a Volcano Reiki Session. This symbol is also a very wonderful tool for grounding.

Noho Mua means the past and the future: heal the past, enhance the present, and co-create the future.

For more information on either becoming a Volcano Reiki practitioner or experiencing a Volcano Reiki session,  contact Lorry

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