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A Lorry Story

A Lorry Story for "The SPIRIT GUIDE"

'Healing the Grid'

September 28, 2020

It has been 30 years since my remission from a terminal disease that could have ended my life within 48 hours of diagnosis. Seems like it was a few years ago, so much has happened since then. Part of me feels that not enough has happened. I forgot all about the days when I started channeling. I channeled healing energy and wisdom to bring my sister, who was also terminally ill, and, myself back to "be living average lives.”

My life has not been average for 30 years. A series of events brought me back to my days of innocently channeling wisdom from the inter-dimensional place. I was strangely attracted to "The Keys of Enoch" during my healing process. One night, a present-day student asked me questions about esoteric wisdom in one of my classes. Before I could even hear myself speak, I was recommending this work: "The Keys of Enoch" to him. I suddenly felt resentment for that student from1993, who asked to borrow my copy and never returned it to me. Now, during the Pandemic, it would be difficult to locate another