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A Lorry Story

A Lorry Story for "The SPIRIT GUIDE"

'Healing the Grid'

September 28, 2020

It has been 30 years since my remission from a terminal disease that could have ended my life within 48 hours of diagnosis. Seems like it was a few years ago, so much has happened since then. Part of me feels that not enough has happened. I forgot all about the days when I started channeling. I channeled healing energy and wisdom to bring my sister, who was also terminally ill, and, myself back to "be living average lives.”

My life has not been average for 30 years. A series of events brought me back to my days of innocently channeling wisdom from the inter-dimensional place. I was strangely attracted to "The Keys of Enoch" during my healing process. One night, a present-day student asked me questions about esoteric wisdom in one of my classes. Before I could even hear myself speak, I was recommending this work: "The Keys of Enoch" to him. I suddenly felt resentment for that student from1993, who asked to borrow my copy and never returned it to me. Now, during the Pandemic, it would be difficult to locate another

"The Keys of Enoch" did not cost over $333! Why did I care so much? I bought a used copy for $111. This one smelled like mildew but the number 111 hooked me.

I felt guided & lucky to have found it.

I waited for the Universe to guide me. I loved the period in my life back in the early ’90s when I found those who studied "The Keys of Enoch" and shared this wisdom with one another. We were a group of esoteric warriors! I was the newest one in the group. Or, should I say, I knew nothing! Now, I owned the Keys again and waited.

My reiki master student named Angel, recommended I go to her Physical Therapist as I would find her very interesting. Her office was well ventilated, she disinfected in between sessions, wore masks, did reiki, and her fee was free with medicare benefits. I was thrilled to be able to be in contact with another healer who kept her patients safe. My left foot was truly bothering me and the bunion was distorting my entire left side. Of course, I knew, because it was my left foot , it was due to my inability to let go of the past, to move on, move out, move in any way at all. Dr. M offered 40 visits and all were free. I needed human contact.

I loved her office. I loved her immediately, her energy was awesome and she was very skilled and intelligent. For some reason, she recommended a book about “Connection Healing,” even though she knew I am a reiki master for thirty years. I wasn’t sure why? I bought the book and began to listen to it on the audible station. I found out why I had to have the Keys of Enoch!

The inventor of “Connection Healing” found his guidance in chapter 317 of the Keys of Enoch. We were both guided to this chapter! Back when I started channeling, I channeled the information from the Pleiades: in order to heal the humans, you must keep the spine & the grid clear of any blocks, the grid that surrounds their aura and aligns it with the grid of Mother Earth and the Universe. The grid looked like light strands to me. I thought that was way out there when I was young & ignorant. I was shocked when I realized this connection healing book and the “keys” are full of my earlier days of channeling. Of course, it is part of the collective conscienceless and wisdom for all to behold.

I gained access to inner wisdom through my near-death experience which I found weirdly similar to the one described by the author of the healing book!

We both had a death experience and were consumed by the sound of motors growing louder and louder as our bodies died. Levels of heaven were shown to us, sacred information was given to us and we were only allowed to remember limited amounts of wisdom. We were both shown our life path in order to influence us to return to earth. Upon agreement to serve, we were brought back to life, back to the excruciating sounds of motors running. Our memories of our meeting were mostly erased. We had a mission that would unfold.

I became a locally well-known reiki teacher, healer, & intuitive counselor of Long Island & Upstate, NY. This career distracted me and grew so large there was a waiting list and many success stories from happily healed students & clients. Then, the Pandemic happened.

During my quarantine, I lost my former self, not being able to return to my very large practice on Long Island. Here, I lived two weeks a month, every other month, for 17 years.

Now, I was in the mountains of NY waiting for freedom to resume.

The channeling resumed, the Pleiades were now back into my life, my healings & my readings. I am being guided to connect students with deeper esoteric wisdom to heal the darkness, the evil of our times. It seems as though I have been trained & prepared for this terrible time on Earth. I have been trained all these years in another dimension to bring healing during this time of great loss & despair.

Through my constant channeling of guided imagery for my groups, my psychic readings, inter-dimensional Energy initiations, & Usui reiki & Volcano reiki, we are getting closer to “The source” of all healing. With the experience of the channeled healing sessions from my physical therapist (also from Pleiades) & her energy sessions, I am now remembering the future & it is awesome.

Magical wisdom & guidance with powerful healing is here for all of us at this time. “Don’t give up, just before the miracle happens!”

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