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It Continues to Enhance My Life

I was terminally ill in 1988 with 48 hours to live when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.  My doctor pumped me up with prednisone and other drugs to slow the process and it worked.  I was put on prednisone, Procardia and Plaquenil and given the sentence of having five years to live at best. 

My parents died of cancer.  My older sister died in her sleep.

I was in the middle of my divorce in 1988 with two daughters age five and three. if I called off the divorce I knew I would die, his negative energy had been killing me for years. 

My remaining sister,, my younger sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma with 20% chance of survival even after all that medical science had to offer.  

We were going to die.

We realized we needed something else, something that would save us now.  I made an appointment with the meanest psychic I knew.  I felt she would love to tell me I was going to die.  I approached her using a cane to stand up, moon-faced from prednisone, and hair falling from my scalp everywhere as I moved through the gallery audience to ask my question.  “Will I die?”

“AH!  You’ll be fine!” She screeched waving her hand to dismiss me.  “You will need to attend my classes though…”

I knew she wanted my money, but, since I was going to die anyway, I thought it would be fun to see what these crazy newage were doing in their workshops.  I always loved studying about the brain, and was interested in exploring the parts of the brain we did not supposedly use.  I was fascinated with psychic abilities and was clairvoyant myself, I could always see energy.  I did not know others could not see what I saw. So, I signed up for her classes and began my journey into the unknown. 

Many people who came to her classes were victims of alcoholic parents and abuse from others.  She was the bully and they revered her.  I was just there to explore of course.

We started with guided imagery meditations to receive healing and messages from Spirit. I could not sit still for longer than a few minutes as my type “A” personality needed more action.  My classmates meditated without moving for an excruciatingly long time and “got” visions of Angels, Spirit, the Divine, and very profound messages for themselves and for others.  I got my grocery list and needed to leave.  I came back many times wasting my money and feeling like a failure.  Then it happened.  Memories started to surface through the guise of guides and Angels in my meditation.  I wept.  I could not meditate for the longest time without crying. Why was I destroying what little time I had left with this emotional pain?

During my next rheumatologist appointment, my doctor was profoundly impressed and could not understand it, but, he was lowering my meds. He asked what I was doing differently and I shared my experience with him. He suggested I keep meditating but not join any cults without asking him first!

I kept meditating and even used recordings at home to fine-tune my skills.  

Back at the Psychic’s Class, we were starting to explore healing modalities.  I sat at the back of the class as I was not like those people, I was just there to observe them.  The psychic was training the class to learn pranic healing and to practice on one another.  It is an Eastern form of Energy healing that looked like Reiki. I sat in the back of the room watching.   I could psychically see grey clouds around the student who received the healing.  The “healer” as surprised to feel tingly & hot energy in every one of those areas!  She was not nearly as surprised as I was!  What the heck was going on?  Apparently, the little clouds actually meant something after all!  I was flabbergasted.  I needed to explore a lot more.

There was a reiki workshop that weekend at a local bookstore and I signed up for it.  The event came quickly and I was excited to attend.  When I arrived there were several students waiting with me.  The room smelled like incense & garlic. There were chimes  &.Buddhas.  The teachers dressed like hippies.  I was leaving as soon as possible.  Not being even slightly interested in cults or hippy things, I just wanted to live. I decided to leave as soon as someone else did.  No one left.  

During the initiation to reiki, I saw Angels & colors that were healing energy.  I talked to my dead mother in Spirit when she appeared as my reiki guide.  She encouraged me to use reiki to heal my sister and myself.  I experienced the beginning of enlightenment.  The next day I woke up with no pain.  For a moment, I thought that I was dead.  Then, I remembered the Reiki 1 Certification Workshop.  It was a miracle and I needed more. I continued to take reiki workshops & became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1990.  

I was devoted to helping my sister & worked on her every day.  I received reiki energy healing as I helped her.  I also did self-healing three times a day.  I was guided to find a healing diet to speed up the positive results.  The macrobiotic counselor put us both on custom-designed diets to combat our diseases & the use of blue-green algae supplementation remains part of my life today.  Everything that touched me inside my body & outside of my body was an organic healing tool.  

My doctor took me off prednisone as he felt the seaweed & blue-green algae were natural cortisone.  The daily guided imagery meditations  & self-healing reiki helped me to be free of stress & the need for Procardia.  I continued to share reiki with others.  As my practice grew, my health continued to improve.  My doctor was sending me clients to share my story.  One day, he seemed totally elated as he took me off of Plaquenil & celebrated my remission.  It was a miracle.  We experienced two miracles as my sister and I remain in remission after 34 years & counting!

I have taught & treated people with reiki in Hawaii, California, Long Island, and upstate New York.  Our success has helped hundreds of thousands of people to empower themselves to participate in their own healing while striving for remission & to use these practices to remain healthier with the hope of avoiding such devastating illnesses.  I continue to share reiki with others today.  It continues to enhance my life.

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