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Reiki & the Pandemic

It was amazing to find out the true value of reiki during the covid pandemic. The first year was amazing. I learned to use Zoom. I was surprised to find out that my students did, too. We never thought it would open us up to a new way of giving and receiving reiki. I brought over sixty students from reiki 1, the beginning teachings of reiki, all the way through Reiki Master or Shinpiden, the secret teachings of the reiki master teacher. This was truly a guided journey for us all. We absolutely found an additional and sacred value in the reiki teachings.

There was little we could do during the lockdown, but, we could study reiki. The amazing part of the journey is how effective the reiki initiations are even without touch or hands-on attunement. Through guided imagery meditation and visualizations led by me, the students achieved access to the many levels of reiki. There were no instructions left behind by Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, in the instructions for the original form of practicing reiki or in any of Usui's original notes or handbooks.

We did have the instructions to use absentee healing methods to help others from a distance. This implied a special compensation may apply to reiki. I was guided to allow wisdom to channel through me to understand how to initiate people who were absent and on Zoom! There were students from New York, California, Florida, Norway, Italy, down the block, and too many locations to mention. All these reiki students achieved the reiki master level, Shinpiden, with honor and respect for the process. These students became very close as they pioneered the new way of receiving reiki initiations. They shared the dramatic results with one another. Their own healing journeys were simultaneously affected by covid and the reiki training gave them additional hope on a daily basis. Even though I now offer all levels of Reiki certification workshops in person in many locations, the use of virtual workshops to help others to access the reiki levels will remain an option in my practice and my students' practices as well.

Reiki sessions became easy to access virtually for all in need. I have been using the distant healing technique online with the addition of a special crystal healing with sound healing to balance and clear the chakras, which includes a unique guided imagery meditation channeled for each client as part of their session for optimal results. The chakra tones I use were specifically created for the use of balancing the chakras. This instrument is very impressive in healing the chakras. I find that including a quick reading with each session helps people to calm down and get answers to questions that are causing them stress.

I have returned to hands-on healing in New York and other locations. People are overwhelmed by the outcome of the hands-on healing sessions. I am able to include the healing vibes of crystal or Tibetan bowls, copper crystal pyramids, MPS Therapy (, and when possible, a GONG wash to end the session. To my surprise, these clients return to virtual healing sessions with me during the weeks I am not in town. They love the results of hands-on healing sessions and they love having an additional option to have a session with a guided imagery meditation and healing vibes designed just for them.

Our new options are hands-on or by Zoom when you book a session or a reiki workshop. These are both powerfully healing and natural options during these questionable times. It is comforting to know, that we can always get reiki no matter what is happening around us. Reiki is truly a valuable tool to receive and share with all living things. I have programmed this Blog with reiki healing energy, can you feel it?

Thank you for reading this blog, please, share this if you feel it is valuable and will help others.

Gassho, Lorry Salluzzi Sensei

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