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Volcano Reiki

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Ever wonder how you can make a difference in the healing arts? Thinking that all that has been developed is all you have the capability of working with? As the founder of Volcano Reiki, I can tell you first hand that this is the farthest thing from the truth!

How did Volcano Reiki Evolve?

For me, the strangest part of being the channel for Volcano Reiki, is the fact that I was not a believer that "anyone" could channel a new form of Reiki healing.

On my last trip to Hawaii in 2017, the most amazing things began happening to me. New Reiki symbols began to be channeled to me; I was obsessed with them. They would come to me spontaneously, at any time of any day.

The island of Kauai inspired me with the most overwhelming inner peace and self-love so I decided that I needed to offer a Reiki retreat and return there as soon as possible. I was being called to develop this retreat immediately and name it Volcano Reiki. The volcanic energy in Hawaii is so powerful and Mother nature is notorious for creating the most amazing earthly experiences, especially during volcanic eruptions.

Were these my thoughts or was I being guided?

My daughter and I planned the retreat together. When you get two spiritual beings with passion together, amazing things happen. My daughter, who is a yoga/hiking instructor, Reiki Master, and nature photographer was my perfect wing-woman on this adventure. Get the two of us together and great things will happen.

This is the point that Volcano Reiki came to fruition!

Soon after laying our groundwork....the magic happened. We booked a retreat center and dates. Volcano Reiki was no longer an idea, it began to materialize through me as a new form of healing. I was chosen to bring in the Volcano Reiki to my New York students who would join me in fine tuning this new form of Reiki.

Why call it REIKI?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means, “Universal Life Force Energy.” Although it seemed to have nothing to do with Hawaii, I think the connection was that Reiki came to the mainland of the United States through Hawaii in the 1930's when brought here by Dr. Mikao Usui. Now, Reiki has become a mainstream term that most relate to as energy healing, with the initiations in Volcano and Usui Reiki being very similar.

Reiki has become a mainstream term that most know means energy healing. The initiations in Volcano Reiki and Usui Reiki are very similar. I feel these initiations are universal in Buddhism and other cultures as well. So, for now, we call this new form of healing Volcano Reiki.

I started to do some automatic writing one day which then became drawing. Through this drawing, the first symbol of Volcanic Reiki emerged. For me, this seemed too simple but as I started telling my former students who are now fellow Reiki Masters, they were intrigued.

For more information on Volcano Reiki, click here!

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