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“What is Reiki?”  

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

“What is Reiki?”

A Lorry Story,

by Lorry Salluzzi Sensei

Why is this form of Energy Healing called Reiki? The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy in English as translated from the Japanese Kanji. In the early ’90s when I took reiki workshops, people thought the word “Reiki” was questionable, from the Devil, and weird.

Dr. Mikao Usui designed his form of Reiki and called it “Usui Reiki Ryoho.” His school was founded around 1922 and was called “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.” If he was English speaking it could have been called, ”Usui Energy Healing School.” Not very weird, once translated, is it?

I feel Dr. Usui was a genius led by “Spirit” or his “Higher Self “ to create this system of healing. I suggest that he wished that everyone in the world could accept this as simply ” hands-on healing.” For those on the Spiritual Path, it is also a way to move towards enlightenment and a way to develop your psychic abilities.

He lived in Japan from 1865-1926 and was devoted to Buddhism as a lay priest would be to the Catholic Church. Although he had many humanitarian interests, he was most consistently devoted and faithful to his Buddhist Journey.

Reiki works well with all modalities and does no harm. You do not have to believe in Reiki, just as you do not have to believe in acupuncture or chiropractic, they intrinsically work as healing modalities. Reiki raises the oxytocin (feel good) hormone, releases stress, relieves pain, clears the mind, helps to heal the emotional & mental issues, enhances the immune system to promote self-healing, clears the aura, balances the chakras. Reiki sessions release blocks that may have prevented you from healing yourself, raise the DHA level, you will feel as though you are rejuvenated, Reiki sessions help you to lose weight, aids infertility problems, help to eliminate depression, and much more.

Dr. Usui said, “ reiki heals diseases…”

There are three levels to Reiki: Shoden is the beginning level of Reiki or Reiki I. Okuden is the inner teachings of Reiki or Reiki II. The Advanced Reiki or ART is the level that prepares you to take Shinpiden. Shinpiden is traditionally the highest level of Reiki, which teaches the mystery or secrets of Reiki training, in the western world we call this the Reiki Master Level.

Each level heals you as you help others. Shoden, the beginning level or Reiki 1, focuses on self-healing, healing pets & animals, helping your family and friends to heal. You can even enhance your food, water, car, house, anything that has an energy field or molecules can be affected by Reiki healing in a positive way.

Okuden, the inner teachings or Reiki 2, combined with Reiki 1 allows you to access 90% of the healing potential of Reiki. Through the use of three symbols, you will learn hands-on healing on a Reiki table, distant healing anywhere you may visualize, timeline and inner child healing (back and forward in time) for you and others, releasing trauma still stopping you from being all you wish to be. People have used Reiki symbols to help with Past Life Regression Therapy as well.

You may create healing tools with the energy to give the gift of healing to others and to surround you and your loved ones with the light. Anything can be a healing tool with the power of. your intention and the Reiki Energy Recipe. You may become an apprentice on this level until you are ready to start your own practice.

Practicing Reiki is the most important part of your journey, without practice, you will not succeed at elevating yourself through all the levels of Reiki.

You must also be committed to self-healing every day to enjoy the benefits of Reiki and to advance to the higher levels of Shinpiden, Reiki master & teacher.

Meditation has proven to be very beneficial for our health and wellness by many studies, including that of the Mayo Clinic. Performing Reiki sessions on yourself and others is one of the most powerful meditations you can experience. It heals the receiver as well as the giver. If you are interested in your psychic development, receive Reiki and give Reiki, it will open you up naturally to the next level of your psychic development. The individual description of each level will be covered in the near future.

The practitioner touches as much as possible the areas that need healing, touching of your client is a very important part of Reiki. Dr. Usui always required his students to touch the Reiki patient. Areas that are too private to touch will receive the energy through the aura. The healer can feel and clear the congested areas, balance the energies, clear the aura, find the areas that are dis-eased through touch or by sending energy to the affected areas. The aura is cleared and cleansed before and after healing so the energy goes deeper and directly to the place that needs healing. This method is called Byosen Clearing. All levels of Reiki Practitioners are taught how to clear themselves before, during, and after a healing session so that they do not take on any blocks or negativity inadvertently.

The more advanced levels of Reiki are taught the KEKKO massage, breathing techniques to blast the client with powerful healing energy, processes for the healer to remain clear and powerful, and to add in the Kundalini Energy for master level healing. Master Healings are uniquely different according to the clarity and experience of the master healer. Reiki Psychic Surgery, healing with the eyes, breath, and intention are all perfected on the master level or Shinpiden. Master teachers/healers are encouraged to practice and teach meditation techniques every day.

Reiki Practice is a life journey that begins with the simple desire to heal yourself and help others to heal. This journey can take you all the way to Dai Ko Myo, the light of the Buddha or Enlightenment, Reiki Master or Shinpiden.

I hope you enjoyed my definition of reiki, there is so much more to share with you. Please, receive reiki sessions, receive reiki initiations, give reiki sessions, and eventually give initiations, this is the “Reiki Way!”

Doing anything less than this is not “Usui Reiki Ryoho!”

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